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Most of my books are available at Amazon.com,
at other online sites or in bookstores.

an experimental novel about a man in a coma, struggling to regain consciousness.  
Trabex Books, 2013

What makes this book different from others…is the use of stream of consciousness to describe the feeling of someone who has just died but is not quite aware of it yet. Perhaps they are not even dead yet! The only way to find out what is really going on is to read the book. If you liked Unbearable Lightness of Being, then you will enjoy this book as well.
-- Susan Mahalik, Kindle review.

The Professional Writer: Getting Ideas; Avoiding Pitfalls, EgretBooks.com, 2013.

This "must have" book re-emphasizes the need to write well before seeking a publisher or trying to self-publish. The exercises, examples, and quotes from famous authors constitute a veritable portable writer's workshop that informs and educates with touches of humor.
-- Mikel Miller, writer/publisher

Marsh Cassady is bringing his considerable experience as a writer and writing teacher to this book. It's a friendly, easy to follow, enjoyable read about the writing process, and it makes writing a book seem easy and fun as long as certain rules are observed.
 -- Pennie James, writer.


Baja y Yo, Peter Fowler Publications.

The book is a collection of columns I wrote for two newspapers in Baja California,
Viernes and The Baja Times. If you'd like a signed copy, order directly from me.

The book has two sections: "My Baja" and "My Funny Baja." Here's an except from a review in The Baja Times: Each story a single ingredient. But in the end the blend of these ingredients creates a great flavor of Baja. I vividly remember the first time I visited Baja-the smell of elotes in carts, the taxi drivers, the blowing dust, the music of the language, the mercados where one could buy everything from leather jackets to velvet paintings of Elvis with tears running down his face. I fell in love with Baja's bright colors, and so I returned again and again for an afternoon, a night, a weekend. I wanted to know what Baja was made of. I wanted to learn her secrets. And the more I learned, the more I loved the area... [So] here I am, I hope for the rest of my life.

Baja y Yo (Baja and I). Title in Spanish; book in English.

You can order some of them directly from me.

The Diversity of American Theatre, first published by The Fiction Works, now available on Kindle. It is the history of minority theatre in the United States. Chapters on such areas as Native Amercan, black, women's, Jewish, and gay theatre, plus many more.

The Newhall Incident: America's Worst Uniformed Cop Massacre, winner of The San Diego Book Award for nonfiction. Quill Driver Books/word Dancer Press.

"Midnight, April 5, 1970. Minutes after a red Pontiac with two men in it was stopped, four young California Highway Patrolmen lay dead of gunshot wounds. The incident still stands as the worst of its kind and has changed the way police forces operate the world over."

"Not since TrumanCapote's In Cold Blood has there been a true crime story that so intimately captures the lives of killers, victims and police."
--Ted Schwarz, author of The Hillside Strangler.

"This is must reading....Cassady is a dramatist. The writing is great. You know four CHP officers are going to die; the suspense is still awful. It's that well told."
--Ruth Rosborough-Larocca, The Fresno Bee

Banned Books, May, 1990, Fiction Works. 2004.
Sf Novel: Time Travel Back to 19th Century Theatrical Circuit. Lambda Literary Award Finalist. Of all my books: This is my favorite.

An Introduction to the Art of Theatre.
Meriwether Publications, Ltd., 2006.

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